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Screenshot: @Mahailya3 (Twitter)

I don’t know what the hell weightlifting wunderkind Mahailya Reeves eats for breakfast, but I would hope to God its not somebody’s children. Because if you think pre-calculus is hard, a 15-year-old teenager shouldn’t be able to do this:


This absurd display of brute strength occurred at a regional competition on Friday, in which the Union County High School freshman heeded Jay-Z’s advice and got that dirt off her shoulders to the tune of 355 pounds.


And if you think this is a fluke? Congratulations, you played yourself.

Because here’s a 225 clean:

Aaaaaaaaaand here’s a 430-front squat:


Clearly the girl gets busy.

And for those thinking weightlifting isn’t a place for women, Mahailya’s got a mic to drop on ya’ll too:

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