People With Too Much Time on Their Hands Are Bothered By Lupita's Brother In a Dress

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The older I get, the more selective I get with how I hand out my fucks. For example, I give a fuck about going to work, because I enjoy having a roof over my head and I also give a fuck about staying thin, hence why I run like I’m being chased in a horror movie.


Basically, I am very selective with my fucks so that I won’t become fuck deficient. But you know what I don’t give a single, solitary fuck about? What someone decides to wear on their body. Alas, this practice is not an act that’s enforced across the board. Nairobi-based website allAfrica recently published an article with the title “Lupita’s Brother Thinks He Looks Good in Dresses.”

The rudeness was real, but Lupita’s brother, Peter Nyong’o’s petty was at an all time high as he had time to address his fellow connoisseurs of jollof rice.

Twitter also had time and dawned on their capes and swooped in to defend this young man’s honor.


One user even dropped some sage advice that allAfrica should probably listen to:


Look, if this grown-ass man, or anyone for that matter, wants to dawn a garment on their body that isn’t of the norm, you should probably not concern yourself about it. You should see it, take note and continue with your movements. A good friend once told me that you shouldn’t care about things that don’t “fuck, feed or finance” you. Take that little piece of advise and go about your day and mind your business. Trust me, it’ll do wonders for your skin.

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I mean...he does look good in that dress, so...