Color Us Corrected: Morphe Maxes Out the Foundation Game with 60 Shades of Fluidity! [Updated]

You know, if there’s one resolution we should all have for 2019, it should be that when we’re wrong, we say we’re wrong.

Case in point: Just last week, we raved about Fenty Beauty’s upcoming expansion to 50 shades of foundation and concealer from their original and groundbreaking 40-shade launch. But as it turns out, Fenty is about to be eclipsed in the full-spectrum foundation game, less than a week after their new shades launch on January 11. On January 17, cult-favorite cosmetics brand Morphe is capitalizing upon their huge popularity with influencers and amateurs alike with the 60-shade launch of their Fluidity foundation.


You heard me: 60 shades, y’all. How are they doing it?

As reported by Allure, for their first foray into foundation, Morphe is offering a matte, full-coverage formula that has become the standard in foundation in recent years, promising that it will remain transfer- and water-resistant for up to 24 hours. To encompass the entire spectrum of shades, the brand has designated five levels with 12 shades each: Light, Medium, Tan, Rich, and Deep—upping Fenty’s four same-shade levels by adding the “Rich” category to the mix. As if that addition weren’t enough, Morphe has added an olive undertone to their range, besting Fenty’s current “Cool,” “Neutral,” and “Warm” offerings.

But the best part? Morphe’s Fluidity foundation will be nearly half the price of Pro Filt’r, ringing in at an affordable $18.


While, unlike Fenty, they’re not offering a match to each and every foundation shade (at least, not upfront), Morphe will also be launching 31 shades of Fluidity Concealer, which at $9 each are affordable enough to buy in bulk, compared to Fenty’s $24 new Pro Filt’r concealer. A $12 Finishing Powder will also be available in 15 shades (almost twice the number of shades in Fenty’s new setting powder, which will retail for $32 each), along with a Brush Sponge trio ($19). And two types of primers will be offered, categorized by skin type: The Equalizer (for normal-to-oily), and The Revitalizer (for normal-to-dry). Each will retail for $12.

So far, it sounds amazing—and amazingly affordable. But all this fluidity is for naught if the formula isn’t right. So, what can we expect when the collection drops on January 17? We’ll have to see for ourselves, but in the meantime, beauty vlogger Princess Kae has done some swatching for us of the darker shades. Hopefully, we’ll all find our perfect match this year.

Princess Kae (YouTube)

Updated: 1/7/19, 10:40 p.m. EST: Looks like Morphe’s Fluidity launch may have the range, but perhaps not the formula—at least, according to major beauty influencer Alissa Ashley, who found her perfect match in both foundation and concealer, only to be deeply let down by the consistency and finish of the products (though she found a workaround, and ultimately solely and very tenuously recommends the foundation).


Obviously, this is not ideal news ahead of their highly-anticipated launch, but we still suggest moseying over to your local Ulta—or Morphe boutique, if you have one in the area—and trying it out for yourself. (And if Morphe offers a sample pack of shades like Fenty does, you can try a few shades at home.)

In the meantime, check out Alissa’s brutally honest review below:

Alissa Ashley (YouTube)

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I was waiting for the Fenty drop on the 11th, then saw this and got excited. Then watched the review vid and now......... It seems like the foundation by itself is great and for that price point it can’t be beat. I’m in awe at how well it matched her skin!!!! If it matches me like that I may just have to find a way to make it work.