The Glow Up Playlist: The Soundtrack to Finding Your Inner and Outer Beauty

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Many say that Gucci Mane has had the best glow up over the past couple of years and some would argue that the win for best glow up belongs to Cardi B—both of which are valid.


However, the glow up is more than just getting your body together or cashing big checks; the glow up is just as much about an internal feeling as it is an exterior appearance. It’s that moment after you experience a breakup and see your ex months later and he wants that old thing back; it’s feeling seen during a situation in which you would normally feel small and unheard. It’s triumphant; it’s “let me talk my shit.” The glow up is about being black, unapologetic and damn proud.

As we continue to celebrate Black Music Month, the songs featured on The Glow Up playlist are songs that are about overcoming. Whether it’s bossing up on a hater, celebrating the skin you’re in, fixing your teeth or even securing the bag. No matter how you glow up, live your best life and shine on baby, shine on!


Kenneth Kyrell is a DJ, co-host of "CURATED: The Creative’s Podcast" and media personality for "Studio 225 Live With Kenneth Kyrell" on Stationhead Radio, and embodies the definition of a true Pisces.

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My Glow-Up music has been all of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurt” album. ‘Soulmate’, ‘Cuz I Love You’ ‘ Juice’ & ‘Tempo’ had me feeling myself omw to work.. omw home... and omw to a D-appt. Very honorable mentions are ‘Good As Hell’ (my daughter’s favorite) & ‘Fitness’.