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Just when we were wondering which brand would be the next to launch a 40-shade foundation range, rumor has it that popular handmade bath-and-body brand Lush may be making a major investment in its makeup category with the launch of 40 shades of solid foundation.


While the U.K.-based brand has remained mum, beauty news site Trendmood broke the news that possibly as soon as Friday, Lush will be dropping 40 Beautyblender-shaped shades of solid foundation in its U.K. stores, featuring “Buildable, medium coverage. Made with luxurious oils and waxes to give your skin that dewy post-facial glow. In warm, cool, and neutral undertones.”


No word on when or whether the launch will reach the U.S., but if the pics Trendmood posted on Instagram are any indication (and accurate), the range may be one of the most impressive yet in accommodating the needs of its palest to darkest clientele. But for us, it’s just the latest brand to pay long-overdue attention to a long-overlooked population of potential customers.

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, an avid eyeshadow enthusiast and always her own muse. Nuance is her superpower.

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