About Lash Night: I Found the Perfect Eyelashes for $10, and I’m in Love!

Lash Boss (courtesy of @VeronicaWebb via Instagram)

At long lash—I mean, last! The perfect strip lash and I have finally found each other; though I guess I kinda already knew. We first met at the drugstore a few years ago, and ever since, I have kept coming back to my Kiss lashes. With styles starting at $4.99, Kiss has always been my cheap date that looks like a million bucks when I take them out on the town!

Then, Tuesday night, at a very cute event thrown by Kiss in a New York penthouse in Manhattan overlooking the Hudson River, I met the newest additions to the Kiss family of false eyelashes—and I got a “lash-over.”


I’ve been craving a lash with heavy winged-out corners that looks natural. “Lavish,” from Kiss’s new 5th Avenue Collection, is made of silk fibers, carefully crisscrossed in a natural pattern and tapered at the ends, perfectly mimicking a natural lash. However, the art of wearing false eyelashes is as much about the strip as it is about the hairs used to make the lashes. The strip on these triple-volume lashes is so soft it’s imperceptible, and—wait for it—the lashes feel weightless.

I’ve paid $100 and up for lash extensions, and been treated to $400 mink lash extensions as part of my job as a beauty editor, but these little $9.99 reusable silk lashes right here? They won my heart. Yes, I said $9.99 for silk lashes; you can buy them at the drugstore or online—which is my preferred buying option for refills to avoid the desperate drugstore crawl looking for the EXACT lash I need when I need it.


I’m not big on beauty apps, but if you’re looking to save time and money and to try the lashes at home, use the easy and accurate Kiss “Lash Wardrobe” app—just snap a selfie and go to town trying on styles, free of charge.

Bottom line? It’s love: Kiss lashes are officially some of my personal favorites, as much for price as for performance. Because what feels better than looking like a billionaire babe who never has to bat her eyes at the price?

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