Are They Big Enough? Kanye Confronts 'Slidegate'

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If you think Kanye West has been trolling us all along, you may be right in at least one respect: when it comes to those too-small Yeezy slides he wore with socks and a suit to 2 Chainz’ recent wedding, he’s got jokes.


Big jokes, as it turns out; after initially defending the fashion choice as evocative of “the Japanese way,” referencing geta sandals; on Thursday night, the always controversial Kanye tweeted a Photoshopped shot of his feet in a freakishly oversized pair of the slides. “Are the slides big enough,” he asked with laughing face and fire emojis. He followed up with a full-length shot of himself, looking absolutely cartoonish.

But while the clapback was clearly for comical effect, it seems Kanye may have learned his lesson—kind of. In the wee hours of Friday morning, he once again treated followers to another shot of his very exaggerated footwear, showing us what the other half wears...around the house?


Commenters had a field day, comparing Ye’s puffy slippers to everything from airboats to Mickey Mouse shoes, which ... accurate.


But if it keeps us from having to ever see Kanye’s heels hideously hanging out of the back of a pair of flip-flops again, we’ll take it.


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Japanese way my ass they would never wear sandals that small on purpose.