Maiysha Kai
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Apr 6

Fun fact: That manifesto is what made me determined to be hired as a full-time member of The Root staff. We love you, we’ll miss you, we salute you!

Mar 31

UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous. I was not at all ready, but finally “got” Keanu after seeing him in the flesh.

Mar 31

As a fellow South Side-er (who is there as we speak), it was really all I could do not to genuflect.

Mar 31

Likely another reason they didn’t pursue legal recourse—but again, plagiarism in fashion has always been notoriously difficult to prove.

Mar 30

I hyperlinked it in the opening line, but here you go!

Mar 25

I couldn’t agree more (and virtual, socially distanced homegirl hugs).

Mar 16

Black people didn’t invent the “One Drop” rule—but go awf, I guess.

Mar 16

It’s been a long year, so you’re likely trolling out of sheer boredom, but I’m bored too, “relative,” you mean Meghan’s mother, as opposed to Rachel Dolezal’s two white parents?

Mar 5

Also, I feel like one day we’ll be ready to talk about the fact that by Piers’ own account, he seemed to think he had a “connection” with Meghan.