Makeda Sandford
Pretty bubbly.
Jun 12

This article exemplifies everything I’ve experienced with white feminism for the better part of 30 years. 

Apr 30

Not gonna lie, Jezebel advice columns are always a hilarious shitshow of horrible advice, so I’m really looking forward to having something to mindlessly eat popcorn to.

Apr 6 2020

Black people can worry about the state of a global pandemic and their hair breaking off at the same time.

Aug 27 2019

Performances aside, every year I am inspired by the pure beauty and creativity of self-expression that the young people who attend this festival bring. It’s like the richest and most overflowing smorgasbord of style I’ve ever seen.

Apr 3 2019

Yang has 70+ policies on his website. Collectively, they’re clearly progressive and liberal. There’s nothing more empowering that giving the disempowered money and the ability to decide what to do with it.

Aug 28 2018

The body paint winner is deserving of an article of her own; I can’t take my eyes off of her.

Aug 27 2018

You’re pretty bubbly and I’m pretty jealous...beautiful pictures!

Jun 20 2018

Stephen Miller is a dedicated public servant! I need to be able to contact him. Providing his number is a valuable public service. Otherwise, how will we find out if his refrigerator is running? Does he have Prince Albert in a can? Where am I to put all of these flaming bags of dogshit and how will these 40 Papa Read more

Jun 20 2018

I need to tweet about this story about users being banned for tweeting about the story that published Stephen Miller’s phone number and see what happens.

Jun 19 2018

Psychopaths are really having a moment right now.