Just when we thought Kanye West was going to cause the most confusion this week, Azealia Banks popped up to give us another dose of her special brand of “Huh?” with an “Over/Under” video for Pitchfork as part of the promotional rounds for her new single and bona fide bop, “Anna Wintour.”


Banks, who, like West, is both ridiculously talented and known for seemingly outrageous ideas and occasionally erratic behavior, clutches a black baby doll (with a really cute natural hairstyle) as she answers a series of questions from behind a pair of sunglasses with a face liberally smeared with green glitter (issa lewk).

So, what new information do we learn about the erstwhile rapper-singer-songwriter-actress—who, again, like West, seems to have a love-hate, “love me, hate me” relationship with fame?


Among other things, we learn that Banks likes her meat dirty (“I want that swollen, antibiotic, oversized chicken breast ... gimme that growth hormone,” she says) with extra ... diabetes. We also learn that she likes throwing dinner parties (which somehow manages to sound both ironic and like a covetable invite); she thinks Walmart is where America goes to die (agreed—you can meet my bougie ass at Target); she thinks Crocs—designer or not—are a sublayer below Walmart (also agreed); and she believes that bath bombs may turn your undercarriage into one (possible).

But as usual, Banks’ appearance also raises questions:

  1. Who is her doll friend, and why aren’t we introduced to her? And who does her hair?
  2. How does she know what “chalk water” tastes like?
  3. We believe that she’s never tried Crocs, but has she really never used a bath bomb? Because she had a pretty elaborate scenario of how that could go down.
  4. She knows they make glittery bath bombs, right? Would that change her mind?
  5. Totally a makeup-junkie stickler thing, but why the seemingly nonstrategic application of body glitter? Though the lids look pretty slick, I’m pretty sure the allover glitter isn’t Anna Wintour-approved. That said, both the song and the body glitter resurrect my retired inner club kid, so I’ll allow it.
  6. But why didn’t the doll friend get some glitter, too?
  7. When is the rest of this album out? Because I have some glow sticks in the freezer, ready to go.

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, an avid eyeshadow enthusiast and always her own muse. Nuance is her superpower.

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