Baby Hair and Afros: Blue Ivy's Natural Hair Grows Up, Out and Claps Back at the Haters

Blue Ivy Carter, Jay Z and Beyonce onstage during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California.
Photo: Mark Davis (Getty Images)

Some of y’all should’ve just sat there and ate your food.

You know who you are; those of you who had so many opinions about a toddler’s hair—and so many judgments about her mother’s choice to let it grow and flourish naturally that the woman had to address it in a damned song lyric.


Well, guess who has the last laugh now?

Seven-year-old Blue Ivy Carter (we know; we feel old, too) made a rare appearance on Thursday night, as mom Beyoncé posted a “mommy-and-me”-style impromptu photo shoot to Instagram, some of which was shot by the burgeoning child photographer herself. And as dope as Bey looked in her body-skimming striped set by Marcus Almeida—including her updated take on the fanny pack with Jacquemus’ green Chiquita bag—all the internet could talk about was Blue Ivy’s luscious, enviable mane. (Scroll through below.)


Personally, I don’t know a woman (or a few men) on a natural hair journey who wouldn’t love a head full of thick, thriving curls like Blue’s. This is a follicular triumph, y’all. Many rightly considered it karmic retribution for those who’d once tried to impose their respectability politics on the child’s head—and the clapback was skrong on social media.


Taking the moment of crowning glory further, Bey posted a fan-created side-by-side comparison of her and her eldest daughter at age seven, proving that magnificent manes run in the Knowles family—and that Blue may just be beginning to blossom into a beauty that may one day rival her mother’s.


So, let this be a lesson to the self-anointed hair police to mind their own business and their own children’s follicles. Because see what happens when you leave well enough alone?


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