Be Attentive, Be, Be Attentive: Treat Yourself to Some #SelfLove, Part 2


Editor’s note: Angela N. Holton, of online spiritual portal and self-development site Love Sanctuary, is a life coach joining The Glow Up to help and encourage our readers through a journey of self-love. Whether or not you feel like you’re struggling, Holton’s monthly essays and weekly action items are gentle, loving reminders to become the love you wish to see in your world. 


“Self-love is the bridge between you and everything.”



Last week we spoke about self-love as the most important relationship we can ever experience, one that is essential to our capacity to give and receive love. We also talked about what it means in real-life application, which might include forgiveness and gratitude, ending self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, creating emotional boundaries, releasing judgment and stepping into your purpose.

Most important, I promised to provide you with practical tools, tips and strategies to support you in embracing love for yourself. So, for our second week together, let’s look at some new love work:

Act of Love No. 2: Remember that for the entire month of December, we’re focusing on the theme of giving as an act of self-love. Self-love is the bridge that connects us to everything.

So, this week, choose one or more areas of your life—whether work, family, relationships, health or finances—and give one small act of love to that area. Consider choosing the area in your life that you’re currently struggling with the most. Our gestures of love don’t have to be complicated or arduous. Simple acts of love and kindness directed toward our lives can make a big difference.

Maybe this week, if debt has you feeling down, you can pay a little more money toward a credit card payment. Or if health and fitness are your struggles, perhaps spend at least 30 minutes exercising this week, or make that important doctor’s appointment. Spending time with a loved one and writing a letter of gratitude to someone are also examples of love in action.


The areas we tend to shy away from or that seem to boggle us down are often the areas that are asking for and need our attention the most. This week, can you join me in putting love in action?

Angela N. Holton is a coach, speaker, author, and founder of Love Sanctuary. She is the author and co-author of multiple books and blogger for Huff Post. Angela coaches clients around the world.

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