Halle Berry’s BEEN Hollywood. At 50-something years old, the woman is still #Goals.

Halle is acting goals. She was introduced to the world in the early 1990s with Jungle Fever—fast forward to 2019, and she is drawing crowds for John Wick 3. Not to mention that Berry has won dozens of awards (including an Academy Award) along the way.


She’s body goals, as proven by her Fitness Friday initiative on Instagram. My queen is snatched—in fact, it seems as though being snatched is a lifetime commitment. And she can still whoop some behind.

From her iconic pixie cut to her current long-hair-don’t-care, Halle Berry is hair goals, too.


The list goes on and on. It’s clear this queen isn’t slowing down for nary a soul.

One can’t help but wonder: How has the Academy Award-winning actress kept her foot on our necks for decades now? See the entire video above.

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She is so beautiful.

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