In her late 30s, Bevy Smith decided to leave a fabulous career as an advertising executive at Rolling Stone to pursue her dreams of being a television host.

Fast forward to 2018—Bevy Smith is 51 and is hosting her second show, Page Six TV. It doesn’t stop there: Smith also hosts her own radio show, “Bevelations”—a name bestowed upon her by Andy Cohen—on SiriusXM. Needless to say, these accomplishments required hustle, drive and a stick-to-it-iveness.

The lesson? Never give up.

“I look at my mom who’s 90 and my dad who’s 93, and they’re still going. Then, I look at people like Cicely Tyson who got her Tony at the age of, what, 89 or 90?” Smith said. “And while youth is definitely prized and is something to enjoy, it does get greater later, which is what my mantra is. It gets greater later.


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