Black-Owned, Black-Operated and Body-Positive: Get Into This Workout Gear for All

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“I hate gym clothes!”

Sound familiar? Activewear designer Jemea Kingsby Jackson gave The Glow Up a short list of reasons why she decided to create her own line of workout gear, Perspectives Yoga Wear:

  • “The prices are ridiculous! If I work out five times a week in multiple $100 pants, $50 bras, using my $30-per-month gym membership, I’m pretty much going broke!”
  • “Sizing is always a problem! My leggings always have a huge gap at the lower back of my waistband.”
  • “The bra doesn’t hold up its shape, and by week 5, the bra band is sagging as much as I am.”
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If you’re a curvy lady size XS-3XL who likes your colors bright and your fit just right, this 3-year-old brand endeavors to answer your needs.

Drawstrings at the waist and calves prevent the yawning gap known as “paper-bag waist,” ensuring that your pants won’t slide down midway through a sweaty workout. The brand also puts you firmly in control of how tightly you want your yoga pants to hug the delicious thickness of your powerful calves—without cutting off their blood flow.

All of this, and the price is right: Everything is $29-$49 for sale at the company’s website.

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