Who’s in the mood for modern romance? We are!
Photo: Maiysha Kai

I’m in the mood for love... simply because it’s Black-Owned Beauty Month! Apparently, this whole Valentine’s Day thing is contagious (or communicable, depending on who you ask), because I found myself wanting to remix a romantic look I saw on the Rodarte runway this Fashion Week.

Now admittedly, I’m a little too grown for glitter (or am I?), so I opted for a toned-down version of this look, creating an all-pink everything moment using all black-owned products.

How to do a subtler take on a shimmer eye? I started with a base of the hot pink “Rose Risque” shade in Pat McGrath’s Mothership Subversive La Vie en Rose palette ($55), which I also used lightly on my cheekbones. I then added a dense shimmer on top my lids with Danessa Myricks’ Metals Micro Pigment in “Starburst” ($15) which I dipped into with a wet brush.


I’m eyelash deficient, so I cheated a bit with Fenty’s Flyliner, since I’m currently on the hunt for a better black-owned mascara (Pat McGrath drops one this week, so stay tuned). For a punchy pink lip, I tried Fenty’s new shade of Stunna Lip Paint, “Unlocked” ($24), which is sadly too bright for me to wear on the regular, as I’d hoped. But blotted into a stain and topped with more Metals? That’s the luxe lip I was looking for.

You might also notice that I did my hair—for once. As mentioned yesterday, I have Oyin Handmade’s Gingermint Co-Wash, Hair Dew Moisturizing Leave-in Lotion and Oh My Glide! pre-styling detangler (plus an overnight roller set) to thank for making my transitioning waves soft, shiny and touchable and ready for primetime.


Since I was feeling romantic today, what’s in store for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? We shall see... but it might be time to talk about what we’re loving, so far.