Black-Owned Beauty Month, Day 13: On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Who’s in the mood for modern romance? We are!
Who’s in the mood for modern romance? We are!
Photo: Maiysha Kai

I’m in the mood for love... simply because it’s Black-Owned Beauty Month! Apparently, this whole Valentine’s Day thing is contagious (or communicable, depending on who you ask), because I found myself wanting to remix a romantic look I saw on the Rodarte runway this Fashion Week.

Now admittedly, I’m a little too grown for glitter (or am I?), so I opted for a toned-down version of this look, creating an all-pink everything moment using all black-owned products.


How to do a subtler take on a shimmer eye? I started with a base of the hot pink “Rose Risque” shade in Pat McGrath’s Mothership Subversive La Vie en Rose palette ($55), which I also used lightly on my cheekbones. I then added a dense shimmer on top my lids with Danessa Myricks’ Metals Micro Pigment in “Starburst” ($15) which I dipped into with a wet brush.

I’m eyelash deficient, so I cheated a bit with Fenty’s Flyliner, since I’m currently on the hunt for a better black-owned mascara (Pat McGrath drops one this week, so stay tuned). For a punchy pink lip, I tried Fenty’s new shade of Stunna Lip Paint, “Unlocked” ($24), which is sadly too bright for me to wear on the regular, as I’d hoped. But blotted into a stain and topped with more Metals? That’s the luxe lip I was looking for.

You might also notice that I did my hair—for once. As mentioned yesterday, I have Oyin Handmade’s Gingermint Co-Wash, Hair Dew Moisturizing Leave-in Lotion and Oh My Glide! pre-styling detangler (plus an overnight roller set) to thank for making my transitioning waves soft, shiny and touchable and ready for primetime.

Since I was feeling romantic today, what’s in store for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? We shall see... but it might be time to talk about what we’re loving, so far.

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, co-host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door...May I borrow some sugar?

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I LOVE the “La Vie en Rose” pallet. I tend to use matte shadows on my eyelid and in the crease and use shimmer/metallics to highlight and accent my inner eye because I have no lids, LOL! It’s hard to find colorful pigmented shadows that don’t have a metallic base. McGrath’s colors are meant to be layered which makes it easy to measure the level of saturation I want. I use Rose Risqué (pink) on the top and bottom lid, Paranormal (plum) to lightly contour and line my eyes, blend like crazy and add mascara. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll highlight with Euphoria.

I am adding Myricks to my black beauty bookmark.