BNYFW: Ennyluap Brings Ladylike Style to Fall Fashion Week

Ennyluap designer Amanda Williamson (Theo Wargo/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows)
Ennyluap designer Amanda Williamson (Theo Wargo/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows)

New York Fashion Week is typically a flurry of edgy, ultraglamorous presentations from designers we love, daring us to push the envelope—and our imaginations—further. But rarely do the creations we admire on the runway translate to real life. At most, they are inspirational—at least, aspirational.


That’s why there was something subtly refreshing about the low-key and ladylike Fall/Winter presentation by Ennyluap (pronounced in-a-lope) on Sunday. Aside from being ready-to-wear, the collection featured decidedly ready-for-work wear, filled with feminine yet businesslike blouses, pencil skirts and trousers in an array of traditionally conservative hues like navy, charcoal gray and burgundy.


Designed by Atlanta native Amanda Williamson, Ennyluap is a “classic contemporary clothing label dedicated to timeless style and high quality for women and children.” Williamson debuted Ennyluap at New York Fashion Week in 2013 and, in the years since, has won the Belk Southern Designer Showcase, been presented to former first lady Michelle Obama and named a Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee for Art & Style in 2017.

As a rare black female designer presenting at New York Fashion Week this season, what Williamson has accomplished shouldn’t be understated simply because her clothes are. In fact, in an industry where high fashion is generally more for show than retail, her immensely wearable and marketable collection represents the sort of crossover appeal that black designers rarely enjoy.

With that in mind, enjoy the Fall/Winter presentation from Ennyluap, a collection that’s bound to inspire the question: “Who’s that lady?”

Ennyluap at NYFW: The Shows via YouTube

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With few exceptions, I would wear everything that walked down the runway...and that’s saying a lot considering the clown show birthed from NYFW.