Calling All Black Designers! Harlem Fashion Week Auditions Are Open

Harlem Fashion Week auditions are open for fashion designers who want to show their Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collections at the biannual event this September, covered by top-tier fashion journalists from around the world—including The Glow Up.


In February we had the pleasure of being front row for the presentation of the Spring/Summer collections. Fashion celebs like makeup artist and former director of America’s Next Top Model Jay Manuel presented awards, while Malcolm X’s memory was honored in the debut collection by his daughters and heirs, the Shabazz sisters.

Saturday, April 28, at 3 p.m. at Pearl Studios in New York City is the call time for designers to meet in person with designer Yvonne Jewnell, co-founder of Harlem Fashion Week and organizer of the HFW Designer Open House.


Applying designers need to preregister and bring one to three sample garments to the casting call; it’s also mandatory that each designer have a theme for their collection and present either a portfolio or digital images via websites or social media.

Good luck to all the designers applying to the next season of Harlem Fashion Week—both those returning and the hopefuls. Our team here at The Glow Up is looking forward to seeing more talented designers shine in this New York showcase!

Veronica Webb loves Detroit, speaks French, is addicted to French fries, French fashion, runs an 8 minute mile and can never find her keys.

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Speaking of Black designers, I havent seen you guys post about Ethiopian-born wedding dress designer Amsale Aberra, whose last collection debuted just weeks after her death. The NY Times has a nice write up and credits her with creating the modern “non frou frou” wedding dress, which is huge..