Common Believes That Black Women Are a Gift

It’s both Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, which means it’s a perfect time to remind you all that the world would be lost without black women.

Black women are the gift this world does not deserve and rapper/actor Common agrees with that fact. Common says black women are the “givers and creators of life,” and that they’ve “shaped the world in the best way” before concluding that God’s greatest creation is the black woman.


So for the month of March, International Women’s Day and every day that ends in “Y,” do yourself a favor and thank every black woman that you see out in this world because there would be no you without them.

Chief Beyoncé Content Officer @ TheRoot. I aspire to be as steadfast & unmovable as Solange's wig. Former President of Hogwart's Black Student Union.

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Proud Black woman, here.

Thank you!

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