Creative Control: Chloe x Halle Called the Shots for Fendi's Latest Campaign

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Much of what Grammy-nominated dynamic duo Chloe x Halle have accomplished has been done on their terms. Not only did they release their wonderful album Ungodly Hour this year (which they largely wrote and produced), they also had “complete creative control” over their photoshoot for Fendi’s latest rendition of their campaign, #MeAndMyPeekaboo.


The talented twosome are the fashion label’s latest ambassadors and they star in a campaign promoting the luxury brand’s Peekaboo bag line. According to Fashionista, Chloe x Halle’s photoshoot was shot by frequent collaborator Julian Dakdouk, while Andrew Makadsi served as art director, Derek Milton was the videographer, and Zerina Akers was the sisters’ stylist.

The video and photographs for Chloe x Halle’s campaign feature one of this year’s breakout stars: the Bailey tennis court. It’s received a reputation as the hardest working baselines in show business, appearing in their 2020 BET Awards performance in June, and their performance of “Do It” on TODAY during the quarantine. The Fendi campaign video features their new single “Busy Boy.”

“We have been more than happy to be part of this project,” Chloe x Halle said in a joint statement obtained by Fashionista. “We have always been huge fans of Fendi and working side by side as sisters is truly a blessing.” Previous ambassadors for Fendi’s Peekaboo bags include the Kardashian sisters and Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter, Carys.

The Peekaboo bag both sisters are modeling is expected to appear in stores in August.


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