Don’t Drop the Ball: Hangover-Proof Your New Year’s Eve

Courtesy of Over EZ
Courtesy of Over EZ

Anticipating some overindulgence this New Year’s Eve? Plan ahead: There’s a clever new anti-hangover vitamin supplement called Over EZ. It’s designed to help take some of the sting out of the morning after you’ve done too much drinking the night before. Granted, Over EZ won’t stop you from getting drunk, feeling the buzz or becoming impaired if you have one too many, but it does give you a leg up on curing a potential hangover.


I have to say, I’m a devotee of good red wine with dinner and never opposed to a martini or two (or three) with a steak when I’m out with my husband for a night on the town. But I’m also a super-busy mom with a full-time job, which means I’m all for anything that can make my mornings easier. When I read the ingredients in Over EZ, they made sense to me. There’s vitamin B complex, zinc and magnesium, which creates a powerhouse combination for muscle recovery and maintaining health. Both are vitamins that I would cobble together in my own home remedies to combat everything from a cold to—yes, a hangover.

But what makes Over EZ different and more effective is that it’s a two-phase time-release tablet that you take while you’re drinking. After all, I never plan to overdo it—it just seems to happen. Phase 1 of the tablet releases zinc, magnesium and L-cysteine to protect and prevent damage to the liver and reduce hangover symptoms. Phase 2 has vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, in combination with beet juice and other natural herbs like milk thistle, to help the body flush out toxins.

Unlike acetaminophen or other pain relievers whose labels warn of possible liver damage when taken within hours of drinking alcohol, Over EZ claims to naturally neutralize your body’s reaction to acetaldehyde, one of the major toxins that can make a person feel hung over. It does this by stimulating the production of counteractive enzymes in the liver that break down alcohol and help combat a hangover.

Does it work? I tried out Over EZ out on a three-martini bender when I hit the karaoke spot with the hubs. Miraculously, it worked for me! Even though I was nowhere near my intellectual peak the morning after, there was no headache or upset stomach as a souvenir of the night before. So if you’re feeling a little naughty this New Year’s Eve, Over EZ might help make New Year’s Day a little nicer.

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