Enviable Assets: How Tracee Ellis Ross Builds the Boom

Tracee Ellis Ross, wearing Max Mara,  in Beverly Hills, Calif., in June 2017
Tracee Ellis Ross, wearing Max Mara, in Beverly Hills, Calif., in June 2017
Photo: Frederick M. Brown (AFP/Getty Images)

There is plenty to love about actress, director and activist Tracee Ellis Ross—she’s brilliant, hilarious, beautiful and, as previously noted, basically our best friend in our heads.


But it’s impossible to ignore that Ross is also #BodyGoals. She may play a mom of five on Black-ish, but at 45, the former model is still sporting a bikini-ready body. And while some of that is due to her excellent genetics, it’s also because she puts in work.

Anyone who watches red carpets as much as we do knows that one of Ross’ signature poses is the over-the-shoulder glance—likely because she’s aware of how well it shows off one of her most enviable assets. So when Vogue came through with the scoop on how Ross sculpts “dat ass,” we were instantly at attention.

Tracee Ellis Ross in Los Angeles in November 2017
Tracee Ellis Ross in Los Angeles in November 2017
Photo: Neilson Barnard (Getty Images)

Turns out, the star applies a one-two-punch approach when it comes to maintaining her body, relying on heated-studio calisthenic sweat sessions with famed celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, coupled with weight training with the trainers at Hollywood, Calif., gym Heart & Hustle.


But guess what? A lot of Ross’ signature moves—which include squats, fire hydrants and kickbacks while she wears ankle weights—can be replicated at home. In fact, she’s documented several of them on her Instagram, where we can see for ourselves that just like us mere mortals, stars sometimes struggle through their workouts, too. (Ross hilariously quips in one clip, “My body’s like, ‘What the fuck is going on?’”)


Our real takeaway? That there are no excuses for not getting it in where you can fit it in. And as fit—and fine—as Ross regularly looks, it may be well worth feeling the burn, because she is #BootyGoals.

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And she’s a hell of an actress because Joan (re: Girlfriends) got on my Last Nerve, but I never stopped watching.