Fashion No-No: Fashion Nova Let Men Down With the Launch of Its Men’s Collection


Your man may have thought he was about to be a high-fashion ho, but instead he’s going to be a hot mess.


Fashion Nova debuted its men’s collection today, but most men aren’t feeling the pieces. A quick poll of several gents revealed that they expected trendy outfits with patterns similar to the ones sold to women. That’s right—guys were craving two-piece matching sets, rompers and silk. As our weekend social media editor, Corey Townsend, said: “I was expecting them to give me men’s fashion, but make it ho ... I had a vision.”

Kameron Mickens, another fashion lover, said: “It’s just like boohoo and F21 Men; the only difference is the price tag. ... The way they were promoting it, I thought they would go all out.”


Instead, men who ventured to Fashion Nova in search of fresh new looks today were being offered T-shirts that read, “Meme Lord” and “Tag me in memes so I know it’s real.”

Many have taken to Twitter to critique the collection and explain what they’d hoped to see:


OK, some of the clothes are wearable—such as the jogger sets—but men are looking for brunch ’fits, not Netflix-and-chill ’fits. Honestly, I think this underwhelming collection caught us all off guard. I mean really; satin pajama shirts and knock-off Off-White belts? Enough is enough.

Hopefully they do a relaunch soon with some sexier looks for the guys.

Montana Couser is a recent Howard University grad and Philly native.

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Its hard for me to tell if this is a satire piece or not