Flight Time: 48 Hours in a Supermodel’s Suitcase


I’m en route to London, a city I love and know well. Sadly, I’ll only be there for two days, to honor my dear and recently departed friend Azzedine Alaïa at the British Fashion Council Awards. This trip to London requires an overnight flight, and my ass will hopefully get some sleep, since upon landing, I head straight to a British Vogue reunion shoot with my friend Naomi Campbell and some of Azzedine’s other friends and muses. Then it’s on to the BFCA event at Royal Albert Hall, where I’m speaking in remembrance of my dear friend and mentor. (Then rushing back to New York to my family and duties at The Glow Up!)


The name of my blog, Webb on the Fly, didn’t come out of nowhere. After more than 30 years of modeling, I feel like I’ve lived as much of my life out of suitcases and on planes as I spent at my parents’ house as a child. (I’m sure Managing Editor Maiysha Kai would agree, as she now splits her time between New York and Chicago.) But with experience comes the art of packing thoughtfully and thoroughly—especially when heading out of the country. Here’s my on-the-fly guide to planning and packing for 48 hours in London:

Up in the Air

Hydrate before you go. I start swilling water the day before and try to get my consumption as close to a gallon of water as possible. My doctor recommends drinking at least 8 ounces of water for every hour you’re in the air.


If you have dry skin like me, a moisturizing mask, both the night before and the morning of the flight, also goes a long way in fighting dryness and fine lines. My two faves right now are the Musely all-natural sheet mask and Peter Thomas Roth—which I have slathered over my face as I write this post.

Immunity Defense

Planes are gross. Commuting is gross. People and germs are gross. Period. I take a probiotic supplement to fill my gut with healthy bacteria before traveling. Probiotics are a major defense against food and airborne bugs. Think of them this way: Bad bacteria tries to make you sick and kill you by clinging to your healthy cells. Good bacteria found in probiotic supplements like Pro Bio Boost makes you healthier and stronger by processing and eliminating unnecessary or unhealthy bacteria in the body. I find taking probiotics daily reduces bloating as well.

Leave Ashiness Behind

Lotion, lotion, lotion! The skin is the body’s first line of defense and needs to be well-hydrated from the inside out in order to do its job properly. Baby Time Snuggly Lotion, made from all-natural cherry kernel oil, is my top pick because it absorbs so rapidly. Pure coconut oil is my next pick, but it requires time to sink in that I don’t always have.


Hand Sanitizer

I keep my hands obsessively clean to prevent catching cold—Avian flu, anyone? I also wipe down the folding tray table with sanitizer and spritz the headrest of my seat. Watch this video on the science on sanitizer.


Massage on Demand

Even if you fly first-class, you’re still folded up like a paper clip stuck in a box once you strap yourself into your airplane seat. I never fly without my BelleCore Body Buffer. It’s an inexpensive yet powerful handheld massager that’s like traveling with a masseuse. It was initially recommended to me by friends who do punishing sports like triathlons and figure skating. It’s small enough to put in a carry-on and powerful enough to knock out kinks anywhere in your body in five minutes flat. It’s easy to use on yourself, and can even be used while you’re dressed (as long as your clothing isn’t so loose it catches in the buffer’s rotary discs).


Beauty Bag

Packing for beauty-on-the-go means knowing the bare minimum you need to look your absolute best. For me that requires my Temptu Air kit; Kevyn Aucoin concealer and foundation (for extra, on-the-spot coverage); MAC Mineralize Gold Deposit bronzer; Dior Sourcils eyebrow pencil; Sephora mini brush set; the MakeUp Bullet Beauty Blender, Maybelline contour kit; Maybelline liquid lipstick; magnetic lashes; and Caudalie travel-size treatment products.


What to Wear on the Plane

In-flight, it’s all about the OnePiece jumpsuit—it’s the ultimate jet-set pajama. On trans-Atlantic flights, I also wear compression socks or tights to force increased blood flow to my legs and feet and prevent fatigue and swelling. And I never leave home without a sleep mask! My current favorite is the Silk Slip Sleep Mask—they make matching pillow cases, too!


What to Wear on the Ground

It’s straight to work when I land in London, so I’ve packed a few essentials to make sure this trip goes off without a hitch. In my bag: DKNY shapewear (my little insurance policy against bloating); DL1961 Four-Way Stretch jeans (need I say more?); Veronica Webb x Boy Meets Girl cropped T-shirt; Thermal Heat Tech T-shirt; Damiani parka (this is one of my more fabulous indulgences, but fur-trimmed parkas remain a wardrobe staple, and similar ones are available for less—like this one by Shelli Segal); Fenty Puma sneakers (but of course); See sunglasses; and, to honor my friend Azzedine, of course, an Alaïa dress, tote, shoes and bag.


It may sound like a lot, but it all fits into a tote and a carry-on. We’ll talk again once I hit the ground running in London!

Cheers! xx Veronica

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Veronica Webb loves Detroit, speaks French, is addicted to French fries, French fashion, runs an 8 minute mile and can never find her keys. www.webbonthefly.com

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