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Darlings! We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day, and with it all kinds of feels, from warm and fuzzy to dreaded and scuzzy. No matter what your situation might be this 2018 Valentine’s Day, The Glow Up’s got the guide for you. Here are our picks on what to give and to get to nurse a broken heart, celebrate two hearts as one—and, as always, to treat yourself to a little love, too!

Red-hot and ready for Valentine’s Day, one of my #Faves, Joan Smalls, collaborated with Smart & Sexy on this fun, fashionable and affordable lingerie line. There’s love for everyone from 32AAA to 46DDD at genius prices: only $14 for the bra and $10 for a two-pack of panties. You can treat yourself—and someone else you love, while you’re at it!

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This is how I like to make myself feel Privileged when it comes to stepping out in style. Stylists and fashion editors alike love this new line of shoes, most recently seen on America’s Next Top Model. They’re a treat for your feet at the right price; you can have pearls at your feet for a mere $98 or over-the-top sparkles for $64. Either way, I think you’ll be falling in love.

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Lucky me; I’m married to a fly guy. He never steps out of the house looking less than 100 percent. A well-cut suit is his thing, and he’s never without a fabulous pocket square to set off his look. So I got my baby a Best Pocket Square Holder to keep my man’s perfectly folded fashionable flourish sitting pretty 24-7.


If you’re in the market for a silk square to go along with the holder, you can find them on the site, too. Pocket-square holders run $19.99, while accent scarves start at $14. And pro-tip? Pocket squares are always worn on the left, so it’s a nice reminder for your man to keep you on his heart all day long.

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If you want to give the his-and-hers look of love this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Privé Reveaux eyewear. Actor Jamie Foxx sits on the advisory board—and you know The Glow Up loves a business that brings dollars back into our community. Nicki Minaj and Odell Beckham Jr. are also fans of the brand. And why not? At $29.99 a pair for runway-ready styles, honey, your wallet just might jump up and kiss you for such a smart buy!


Make it hot! “Baby, when it’s cold outside, I’ve got your back … ” That’s what my Valentine’s Day cards to the ones I love are going to read this year. How about a battery-powered radiant-heat jacket that fits the whole family, to keep them warm when putting your arms around them is not quite enough?

The Volt Radiant Heated Jacket is powered by a 5-volt USB power bank battery that is easily found at most drugstores and does double duty in its ability to charge your cellphone! I like the jacket for game day, long walks or after the gym, because it has concentrated areas of radiant heat between the shoulder blades, lower back and abdominals. The cut is sleek and athletic, and at $149, it’s priceless on a freezing-cold day.

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Looking for some super soul style? When it comes to dressing, you know we have it on lock around the globe. Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style, by Shantrelle P. Lewis, captures the exuberant subculture of Afrocentric dandyism from its roots as a form of rebellion in Age of Enlightenment England and the Belgian Congo, where rebels adapted the dress of European colonists in order to blur the lines between the impoverished and the oppressors.


Today, the tradition of dandyism is alive and well throughout the African Diaspora; hip-hop leads the way, with an artistic emphasis on dressing that takes the love of male sartorial splendor and mixing colors and patterns to the highest of heights. Available on Amazon.com for $32, it’s a fashion lover’s dream.


Want to take home a black panther? Savile Row suit-maker Ozwald Boateng, whose work is featured in the upcoming movie release of Black Panther, makes an exquisite range of silk shirts and ties. The Ghanaian signature tribal print embroidered tie will rule your man’s wardrobe as long as he lives. The tie ships from the designer’s workshop in London, and it costs around $176.

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“Head to toe, wrap me up and never let me go.” That’s how I feel whenever I’m next to my baby, and even more so on freezing-cold winter days. I love a good blanket that’s built for two, especially when it’s also designed to keep your feet warm, like the Pedi Pocket. At 61 inches long and wide enough for cuddling, this high-quality, washable plush synthetic throw has a pocket in the bottom roomy enough for two pairs of feet. At $39.99, it’s a winner for Valentine’s Day and every day!


And finally, on the king-and-queen, his-and-her tip, crown the man or woman you love with a Keith and James fedora. Celebrating its second anniversary in February, this Atlanta-based black-owned company was founded by designer James Keith, who loves family so much, he always puts his last name first and adorns his hats with a gold pin called “the circle of love.” What makes these 100 percent wool hats, priced at $495, truly stand out is the snappy red under-brims. They also come in about any color your heart—or the object of your affection—might desire.

Veronica Webb loves Detroit, speaks French, is addicted to French fries, French fashion, runs an 8 minute mile and can never find her keys. www.webbonthefly.com

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