For Women’s History Month, Queen Latifah Honors Her Mother, Rita Owens

It takes a queen to teach a queen.

If there was one woman who unequivocally made an impact on Queen Latifah’s life, it would be her mother, Rita Owens.


“She taught me how to be the Queen. Anything you see in me that is womanly, feminine, powerful—that all came from her,” the multihyphenate told The Root.

For Women’s History Month, The Root asked some of our faves about their “sheroes.” Queen Latifah chose to honor the queen who raised her, her mother Rita Owens.


See the entire video above.

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Withso many histories of childhood abuse finally being discussed, it gives me such great hope to get a reminder like this: that there are, and always have been, many, many parents out there who did what I call loving their children into fruition. 

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