A general view of atmosphere at Beautyblender Cheers to 15 Years on March 23, 2017 in West Hollywood, California.
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The Beautyblender brand, the creator of the iconic sponge shaped as an egg that we all know and love, has recently announced the launch of a new product.

It was only right that foundation would come from the brand at some point in time as up until recently their only product was the foundation applicator.


Beautyblender’s Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation will retail for $40 and has 32 shades to choose from. Starting today, a waitlist will be posted to Sephora’s website and the official launch is on July 24.

Rea Ann Silva, makeup artist and creator of the Beautyblender brand, has been working on the foundation longer than the sponge and initially thought that foundation would be the first product up for sale.

“What I was initially trying to create was makeup, not an application tool,” she told Allure. “Life threw me a curveball and the Beautyblender journey has been incredible, but how could I not come out with a foundation that works perfectly with it?”


The whipped foundation has a velveteen finish.

“Think of it as just slightly more lustrous than velvet. It looks matte straight on, but it still catches the light for added dimension,” said Silva.


The foundation bottle is the best part of the whole product. It features a reservoir on the side of the bottle that catches the foundation and allows you to dip the Beautyblender sponge directly into it. Of course, brushes or your fingers can be used but this creation will be a lifesaver for me because I hate having foundation on the back of my hand.


I can’t wait to try it out, I hope it comes in my shade.

Montana Couser is a recent Howard University grad and Philly native.

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