Courtesy of Adam Delane Photography

A good photographer is a visual alchemist, capable of creating beautiful images even in less-than-ideal circumstances. But a group of photographers are taking their craft to the next level with the #UglyLocationChallenge on Instagram, choosing unconventional locations to create surprisingly lovely imagery.

Our favorite? Florida-based model-photographer Adam Delane, who took the challenge to his local Hobby Lobby stores to let his talents blossom—literally.

Courtesy of Adam Delane Photography

Shooting four models in two locations over two days, the lensman—who specializes in melanated beauty—used his photographic skills and the floral aisle to create a lush, blooming backdrop that has us longing for spring to arrive early.

And how did Delane’s Hobby Lobby takeover go over with the staff? He tells The Glow Up: “Surprisingly, the staff was perfectly fine with us shooting, rearranging furniture and the decor; we even had some spectators. We made sure to put everything back in place afterwards.”


The results are ethereal, and had Delane not provided some behind-the-scenes pics for context, we’d guess he was working on a custom-designed set. Just goes to show what a little imagination—and a lot of talent—can do.

What do you say, aspiring photogs? Are you up for the #UglyLocationChallenge?

Courtesy of Adam Delane Photography