He Keep Winning: Colin Kaepernick's Air Force 1 Sneakers Sell Out On First Day

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Photo: Associated Press

It’s official: the kicks don’t lie, and the numbers don’t either. Colin Kaepernick’s Air Force 1 sneakers sold out online the same day they were released, cementing his position as one of the most influential (former) athletes in the country.


Thankfully, there may be some shoes left in-store, if you grab ‘em quickly, CNN reports.

This is a win for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who wasn’t picked up by any NFL teams for the upcoming season after his highly politicized NFL workout; and it’s a definite win for Nike, whose partnership with Kaepernick has increased its profits and popularity with a younger audiences, despite shoe-burning protests for its stand with Kaep.

“Nike partnered with a collective of collaborators to design an AF1 that connects to their life personally,” a Nike spokesperson told CNN. “Colin was identified because we believe his voice and perspective inspire many generations on and off the field.”

The new shoe is a continuation of the brand’s relationship with Kaepernick, which has included an “Icon Jersey,” an Emmy-winning “Just Crazy” ad, and of course—Kaepernick’s insistence that the brand abandon its “Betsy Ross Flag” sneakers that featured the stars of the original 13 colonies.

The Air Force 1s feature luxe black leather, a silhouette of Kaepernick’s head on the heel tab, his logo on the tongue, and the date “08 14 16" on the right shoe sole. August 14, 2016 is the first time the football-player-turned-activist refused to stand for the national anthem before a game.

The shoes, showcasing Kaepernick’s signature afro, are as black and defiant as the football star. They are his way of kicking it to the man.


I would love to know the actual #’s, has anyone seen them? Please share if you have.  Every story only says “sold out” in less than a day. Millions? Hundreds of thousands? I need data.  Thanks.