Hot Damn! Rihanna’s Bringing the Heat With Body Lava

Photo: Christopher Polk (Getty Images for the Clara Lionel Foundation)

Just when we think Rihanna can’t get any hotter, she drops another bomb on us. This time it’s the upcoming launch of her next bound-to-be-bestselling Fenty Beauty product, Body Lava. Teasing us with the hashtag #WhoNeedsClothes, the singer, actress, and beauty and fashion mogul took to Fenty Beauty’s Instagram on Monday night to give us a demo of how to apply her new liquid body shimmer to a bare shoulder—using the body brush we’ll undoubtedly also need to purchase, of course.


In case you’re wondering, “Who Needs Clothes?” isn’t just a not-so-innocent question from our favorite provocateur; it also happens to be the name of the lighter of the two shades Body Lava will debut on April 6—the other being the aptly named Brown Sugar. Frankly, we’re already undecided about which one we like better ... which means we’ll likely have to have both. (Just go ahead and take all our damn money, Rihanna. Who needs rent?)

Of course, Rihanna has timed her newest release to coincide perfectly with the start of sundress season, which not only is a strategic move but also leads us to believe that we can expect a smudge-proof, sweatproof, all-day shimmering finish. I guess we’ll find out in 11 short days (yes, we’re counting), when we scratch and claw our way to the Fenty shelves at Sephora (there’s more than one way to suffer for beauty). But if “Bad Girl” RiRi is this excited, we’re betting on another hit.

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