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I’m always looking for some big-ass lashes in my life, but the problem is, either big-ass lashes take time and much money, or it’s a struggle to apply a strip lash—a battle that, usually, I don’t win. Even with my supermodel powers honed for decades on runways all over the planet, applying lashes ain’t easy.

Then, today, I decided to ask for help. I called makeup artist Marc Cornwall, my partner in makeup crimes and capers, to see if there was a secret to applying lashes.

There is. It’s stunningly simple:

Cut. The. Lashes. In. Three. Sections.

Got that?! Is this one of those things that sound too good to be true?

The only thing fake about this trick is the lashes, my friend. The time saved—not to mention not having to measure a full strip lash, then trim it to fit your lash line and then discard the unused, trimmed-off, inner corner of the lash—is real. So you get more time in your day because the process is simplified, and more lash for your buck because you’re not throwing away any part of the fake lash.


Here’s all you have to do to get fresh lashes without the frustration. You’ll need the following tools: nail scissors, Kiss Lash Couture Strip Lash Adhesive and Tweezerman angled tweezers.

For a daytime look, I chose a longer, wispier pair. The farther the individual hairs are spaced apart along the lash strip, the more they open up your eyes and make the whites of the eye look bigger and brighter. Lash looks for nighttime, as a rule of thumb, are more densely spaced along the lash line, which exaggerates the length of the eyelid and adds drama to your profile.


Take a nail scissor and snip the lash into three equal sections.

Snip the lashes into three equal sections.

Spread a thin layer of glue along the lash line of the piece you’re about to use. Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive With Aloe (not pictured) is my go-to glue of choice—it dries clear and cleans up easily. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ruined my eye shadow by getting glue all over my lids and gummed up in my lash line from multiple failed attempts to apply lashes. This 1-2-3 beauty hack should help alleviate this problem.


At the mirror, once you’ve put mascara on your own lashes, start by applying the section that fits on the outer corner of the eye closest to the temple. It goes right into place with little to no guesswork involved—as opposed to trying to lay down an entire strip lash in one go, which can be like spaghetti-noodle rodeo.

Next, apply glue to the second portion of the lash and place it on the center portion of the eye.


Finally, add the third piece of the lash to the inner corner of your eye, and you’re done. Voilà! You’ve got some big-ass lashes!

The finished product: all three sections of the lash applied. I was done in five minutes flat!

P.S.: Removing the lashes is a lot less painful than pulling off a full strip lash. It’s also a lot less tension on your real lashes—which is good news for keeping the lashes your momma gave you intact.