Hypebeasts Rejoice: The Air Force 1 Colin Kapernicks Promise to Be Your Latest Obsession

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With his NFL career on an involuntary extended hiatus, quarterback turned activist Colin Kaepernick has turned his attention towards outside pursuits. He’s helped Nike’s market value skyrocket in addition to taking home an Emmy for their polarizing “Just Do It” campaign, and now Sneaker News reports that the two are joining forces for an Air Force 1 collaboration:

First previewed on Kaepernick’s feet before his recent (and controversial) NFL workout, these specially crafted renditions feature various accents symbolic of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback such as his facial silhouette and initial/7 logos. However, the most important detail on these arrive printed across the outsoles. Laid out on the inside of its translucent home, the numbers “081416” run the length of the tread representative of August 14th, 2016, the exact date that he first took a knee during a pre-game National Anthem ceremony.

Nike has yet to confirm an official release date, but word on the street is that the Colin Kaepernick x Nike Air Force 1 CK will drop on Dec. 28. But if patience isn’t your ministry, Stadium Goods has got you for as low as $360. Just make sure you scoop up a “True to 7” jersey to complete your outfit.

Check out a sneak peek of the Air Force 1 Colin Kaepernick’s below.

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So can we begin the countdown to the following:

1) Videos of people burning these shoes after spending money on them

2) Tweets from Tomi Flat Ass, Judge Box O Wine and other whiny right wing assholes

3) Orange fuckface chiming in so his favorite network can lose their shit. I mean it’s not like he has other things to worry about

4) Assholes in the grey’s or the infiltrators from Splintert chiming in with their opinions (See Babelon)

5) Jason Whitlock, after removing Jeff George’s dick from his mouth & adjusting his Official Jermaine Jackson hairplugs, commenting on how Kap is a phony

6. Stephen A Smith, fresh off of getting his hairline reset after Jemele Hill took it back a few inches bragging about how he helped Kap get a show deal.

Feel Free to add on. Get that money Kap