'I'm Gonna Win': Phenomenal Woman Debuts a New Campaign and Call to Action in Honor of Diana Ross

Who’s “The Boss”? According to activism apparel brand Phenomenal Woman, we are—and like today’s birthday diva Diana Ross, we’re gonna win.

In honor of the now-75 years strong entertainer known as “The Boss,” Phenomenal Woman—the two-year-old label first made famous by their tees of the same name—has borrowed inspiration from one of Ross’ more casual but nonetheless iconic looks. The “I’m Gonna Win” tee ($35, also available as a cap on pre-order) is both a retro fashion statement and a rallying cry, as it accompanies a worthwhile initiative.


As released in a statement by the brand:

On Tuesday, March 26, Phenomenal Woman is rolling out a new campaign in celebration of Diana Ross’ 75th birthday called I’M GONNA WIN, a call to action for black women to show up as their authentic selves. ... The campaign honors Diana not only as a fierce entertainer, but also as a trailblazer who, with grace and glamour, took on a male-dominated industry and succeeded.

The message is simple and powerful for 2019 and beyond: Black women are going to win.

More inspiring? Proceeds from the “I’m Gonna Win” collection benefit Higher Heights, an organization built with the intent of harnessing and growing black women’s political power in America.


And what’s an iconic slogan without some actual icons attached?


In addition to Ross’ daughter Tracee Ellis Ross sporting the tee on social media, more well-known faces are expected to be rocking it in coming days, so expect to see this message making the rounds, on women both famous and simply fabulous. Because we’re gonna win!


The Glow Up tip: Gotta get your hands on an “I’m Gonna Win” tee or more from Phenomenal Woman’s inspiring collections? Head over to their site before they sell out!

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, co-host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door...May I borrow some sugar?

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activism apparel brand.


35 DOLLARS for a t shirt. And your “Initiatives” are essentially more ads and PR for your brand. GTFOH. If this is what black women want, to carry on with the same empty bullshit that white women do. Count me out. Out of black feminism out of womanism I wouldn’t hang about.

We are going to talk about the absolute tone deafness of rich black people, even if it kills us.

Also this is your daily reminder: