It's a Very Scary Big Boo-uty Tuesday!

So...are you scared yet? Has this year of interminable terrors thrown enough your way for you to grasp the profound gravity of the situation we’re in? Or are you more the type to slip into zombie-like zen in moments of crisis? Maybe comfort eating is your coping strategy—in which case, you’re likely already high on your own supply of Halloween candy, though the scariest day of the year is still several days off. (That’s what you get for buying candy for trick-or-treaters that will likely not be showing up this year.)

We typically show up here every other Tuesday—which we fondly call “Big Beauty Tuesday”—to talk beauty and fashion. But if we’re honest, we’re struggling to get in the mood this year, and not just because we have no place to go. While Halloween is typically a great day for hair, makeup and costume changes, it’s far from the scariest day of this particular year; that’s actually next Tuesday, Election Day (or the start of Election Week or Month, depending upon who you ask)—a day made all even scarier by the fact that for most of us, this has already been the scariest year of our lives. Next Tuesday will largely determine our collective fate for the four years, and if you’re not happy with the course we’re currently on, this is no time to cower under the covers in fear.


No, we’re not idealistic enough to believe civic participation is all it takes to turn things around; nor do we think the responsibility for saving an already tenuous democracy should or can rest upon Black or Brown shoulders. What we do believe is that voting is one of the limited and most effective means we have in preserving our liberties and advancing our own freedom project, which has somehow still found its way to the forefront amid a pandemic and perhaps the most destructive presidency in history. We are scared, angry, and frankly, pretty worn out, at this point—but we know apathy isn’t the answer. So, what (else) are we going to do about it?

Yes, there’s a lot to be frightened of—but there’s even more to fight for, and still more to look forward to. Want to make this Halloween a little less scary? This Big Beauty Boo-uty Tuesday, we’re referencing one of our favorite experiments in Black horror, Lovecraft Country, the perfect inspiration as we face down some very real monsters in our midst. In the midst of this horrifying year, let’s reclaim our power, respect our past, and invest in our future—no costumes necessary.


Let’s vote!

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Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, co-host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door...May I borrow some sugar?

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