First lady Michelle Obama and U.S. President Barack Obama on the South Lawn of the White House August 2, 2016 in Washington, DC.
Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images)

Soul mates. Twin flames. #CouplesGoals. All of these phrases have been used to describe the most idyllic relationships, and could be used to describe Barack and Michelle Obama, who once again flagrantly waved their seemingly perfect marriage in our faces as they celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary on Thursday.

Of course, we know no one’s marriage is perfect, and Michelle refreshingly revealed that hers isn’t either in her bestselling memoir, Becoming. But if not perfect, it’s still aspirational, as the two new empty nesters seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company; again, flagrantly evidenced by their dueling “no, I love you more” social media posts yesterday.


“Like the Beatles said: It’s getting better all the time. Thanks, babe, for 27 amazing years!” wrote Barack, affirming that the magic is still twinkling between these two lovebirds, 27 years, two daughters, two terms in the White House and three years out of office later.


Not to be outdone, Michelle confirmed said magic, quipping, “27 years ago, this guy promised me a life full of adventure. I’d say he’s delivered. Here’s to our next chapter of becoming empty nesters and discovering what’s next—while still feeling the magic that brought us together all those years ago. Happy anniversary, Barack.”


If they weren’t so damned cute, we might be sick. Instead, we’re using this as a barometer for the type of enduring love we should aspire to—extended stay in the White House notwithstanding. Mom and Dad Barack and Michelle, we love you, and how you love each other—and if it ain’t magic, we don’t want it. Happy Anniversary!

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. Minneapolis born, Chicago bred, New York built. Nuance is her superpower.

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