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Another day, another Janelle Monáe drop. This time it’s the accompanying visuals to “I Like That,” which we declared The Glow Up Anthem of the Week on Friday.


So of course we’ve gotta follow up with the video—plus, it’s #MeCrushMonday, and we can’t think of a better soundtrack. We’re just glad she dropped the single in advance, because we wouldn’t have caught a word of this meditation on self-appreciation had she dropped the visuals first.


The lewks! If Monáe’s trying to prove her versatility to us, we’re sold, because at this point, aside from that Kewpie-doll face, she’s never the same woman twice. And can you really get enough of her? Clearly not—and she obviously knows it, since this video opens with multiple Monáes.

But truly, this time, it’s all about the hair: oversized ombré twists, Beyoncé-worthy balaclavas made entirely from braids, sculpted blowouts—and even an uncharacteristic sleek and simple Monáe (she’s in the bathtub, so I suppose that was par for the course). It’s a veritable feast of texture, twists and teasing, and it’s heavenly.

Bottom line: As much as we love the song—in fact, all of the songs we’ve heard from Dirty Computer, due out Friday—we are loving this fresher, seemingly freer Janelle Monáe. We dug her buttoned up, but this bevy of beautiful looks is all the spring beauty inspo we’re needing right now.

And in case we didn’t make it abundantly clear ... we like that.

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, an avid eyeshadow enthusiast and always her own muse. Nuance is her superpower.

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