Kanye West Defends T.I 'Virgin Testing' His Daughter; Says It's 'God Approved'

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I really have to ask just what Bible this man is reading because what? I grew up in the church, I still attend and I identify as Christian. I don’t ever remember at any point the father, the son or the holy ghost talking about purity tests.


Yesterday, rapper, shoe designer and C-grade bible scholar Kanye West celebrated the first anniversary of his Sunday Service, uh, program? Church? Blatant attempt at using the veil of Christianity to make you forget he’s totally cool with family separation? Anyway, TMZ has video of the speech he gave the crowd at the event. It’s basically akin to the praise and worship leader who’s trying to preach as hard the pastor but just doesn’t quite have it. During this speech he says “They were trying to play T.I but he’s talking about something that is god approved.”

Sigh. Can Kanye please just stop saying things? If he wants to sing gospel tunes, sell overpriced merch and keep re-releasing the same five colors of the 350 v2 that’s fine. Lately, anytime he opens his mouth it’s just to say something dumb and/or bad. T.I shouldn’t have been violating his daughter’s agency like that, straight up. Kanye West sure as hell shouldn’t have anything to say on this. It’s gross, patriarchal and has nothing to do with him. Let’s also not forget this is the same dude who only a year ago rapped “I’m a sick fuck. I like a quick fuck.” I’m just waiting for Kanye to inevitably drop his presumably regressive takes on homosexuality and trans rights.


Kanye really has become that person who goes to church a couple of times and then thinks they are the most Christian Christian to ever be Christian. It will always be amusing to me that on an album called Jesus is King Kanye proclaims himself as the greatest artist dead or alive. Clearly, humility was not something he’s learned from his new found “Christianity.”

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