Kanye West Launches Grant for Young Creatives, YEEZY Alum Named First Recipient

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Rapper and revisionist historian Kanye West has launched a grant for young creatives, providing financial assistance and mentorship to up-and-coming designers.


According to Vogue, Kanye’s incubator program will provide aspiring creatives in fashion and design access to the studio and eye for talent that gave the world Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh and Fear of God creator Jerry Lorenzo.

2019 CFDA Emerging Designer of the Year nominee Heron Preston also garnered his initial buzz thanks in part to his association with the 41-year-old rapper.


Maisie Schloss, a Parson graduate and former Yeezy womenswear design team member, is the inaugural honoree.

“Yeezy is a really special environment for growing and developing a career,” Schloss said. “When I started I was just an assistant, but the highly creative and unconventional atmosphere allowed for me to have visibility and input in a wide variety of projects. Kanye very generously offered to support me; he truly cares about sharing resources, creating opportunities for creatives to grow and be recognized.”

Schloss will launch her brand, Maisie Wilen, next week at an event in Los Angeles. With another event in Paris later this month, Schloss’ 85-piece collection will range from $100 to $950.

“My first collection is inspired by rhythmic gymnastics and robotics, specifically studying how elegant fluidity emerges from rigid systems,” she said. “Strongly driven by print, the clothes themselves are playful and fashion-forward but rooted in very wearable shapes.”

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So, he’s offering ‘free’ money to people because he thinks it will benefit greater society and give people who normally would not have these opportunities a chance to be successful and productive?  That sounds like socialism.