Lashes Like a 'Mother': Pat McGrath's Next Release? A Major Mascara

Oluchi, August 1999, makeup by Pat McGrath
Screenshot: Richard Burbridge (i-D Magazine)

There’s a final frontier in the black-owned beauty game, and ironically, it’s the final touch that goes on any major look: Mascara.

While several of the most popular black-owned brands stock false lashes, if you’re looking to enhance what you’re naturally working with, you’re likely going to be out of luck. Fenty may have launched with 40 shades of foundations (now expanded to 50), but even with the success of their Flyliner, they’ve yet to give us a mascara to complete the look. In fact, with the exception of indelible beauty experts Beauty Bakerie, who’ve produced their own waterproof formula, it seems our beauty entrepreneurs would rather leave mascara to the mainstream brands.


But on Valentine’s Day, the “Mother” of makeup, Pat McGrath is finally going to give our lashes some much-needed love, with the launch of her FetishEyes Mascara. Frankly, she had me at the name, but McGrath is also promising a high-performance, buildable, super-black formula that may be the godsend my short, curly lashes have been looking for.

“This instantly iconic formulation unleashes the ultimate in pro performance artistry, saturating each individual lash in the most intense black pigment while dramatically lifting and lengthening for unprecedented fullness and maximum volume,” McGrath wrote on Instagram. “Straight from the lab, this all-in-one mascara seamlessly builds from coquettishly feathered to editorially-inspired, for a full-on lash fantasy that becomes more extreme with every swipe.”

Count me in...but in case you’re wondering how well this new product will perform, McGrath took it for a test drive down Prada’s Spring-Summer runway last September, where she created ‘60s-inspired big lashed looks.


Yep, sold...but how much will it cost to have lashes from Pat McGrath Labs? According to Sephora, $28—which should cut my false lash budget down to size.

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