Let’s All Make a Run for Venus Williams’ New Sprint Collection From EleVen

Venus Williams in the Sprint Incline dress from EleVen ($98)
Photo: EleVen (Eleven.com)

Tennis legend Venus Williams just sent us some summer love via Sprint, the latest collection from her athleticwear line EleVen.

Besides being a four-time gold medal Olympian; listed by Forbes magazine as the fourth-highest-paid female athlete, with a net worth of $11.5 million; and standing a statuesque 6 feet 1, she’s added “style mogul” to her “I think I’ll conquer that today” list.


Williams, who studied fashion design at the University of Fort Lauderdale, founded EleVen in 2007 and has quietly built the business for the last decade into a global brand. It’s headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fla., across the hall from V*Starr Interiors, the interior design company she also owns and oversees as its creative director.

Whenever you see Williams on the court, she’s wearing something from her collection—most famously, a Wonder Woman-inspired dress of her own design that she wore with red braids in her hair for the 2016 Olympic Games, where she scored those four gold medals.

Models wearing designs from the Sprint collection by EleVen
Photo: EleVen (EleVen.com)

Williams says in the mission statement on the brand’s website: “EleVen is not defined by being the best. It’s defined by being your best self. This tireless pursuit is what wakes me every morning and drives me to push harder, live bolder and keep pushing every step of the way.”

So even if the only grand slam in your future is on a plate at Denny’s, you can still dominate your morning run or a day at the beach in something from this fashionable 30-piece collection. Made from state-of-the-art, moisture-wicking fabric, it is a stylish addition to the pursuit of building your best self. We have only one thing to say about the Sprint collection, priced at $60-$100: LOVE.

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