Like Cardi, Like Kulture: The Bardi Baby Gets Some 'Mommy and Me' Bling From Reebok

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When Reebok signed Cardi B as a brand ambassador, they knew who they were dealing with. The newly minted mega-star has a big appetite for bling (no, huge), so it’s only fitting the sneaker brand customized a pair of Reebok Classics for her with Swarovski crystals in hot pink, gold, and silver. The icing on top of all that bedazzling? A miniature matching pair for five-month-old daughter Kulture.


The “Money” making mom showed off the custom-made “Mommy and Me” kicks on Instagram on Sunday, gushing about her gift.


“Do you guys like my custom Reebok sneakers? Aren’t they fucking fire?” she asks viewers, in typical Cardi candor. “I’m wearing these shits tomorrow—well, I need to buy an outfit first.”

We’re not sure if the sneaks were a spontaneous treat or a potential sample for a possible future collab that Cardi teases in the brief clip. But by far, the cutest part of Reebok’s gift is Cardi’s reaction to Kulture’s pair.

“I like to match with Mommy,” she coos, admiring the still-too big pair intended for her little one. “Matching outfits with Mama’s baby,” she later adds.

And while Kulture’s likely months away from being able to fit her new kicks—before growing out of them, just as quickly—Cardi’s clearly committed to outfitting her baby in the over-the-top style she’ll likely soon become accustomed to. “I don’t care if these don’t fit her right now,” she says. “I’m gonna put them on.”

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...those shoes are not cute.