Love It or Hate It, Fenty Has Made History: The First Luxury Line by a Black Woman Is Officially Open for Business

Vogue Paris/YouTube

In the days since Rihanna teased us with first looks at Fenty Maison, her luxury fashion collaboration with LVMH, excitement has been high—but reviews on the looks remain somewhat mixed (as is true for most lines, so no biggie, there). Will Rih’s high-end debut prove as big a hit as her eight albums (or makeup line, or lingerie line, or ...)?


With the Fenty site now live, we’ll soon see how fans and fashion lovers alike respond to her first collection of structured, often oversized, largely denim-based separates and glam accessories—and whether they’re fazed by a price-point ranging from approximately $180 (for the baseball cap-shaped “No Cap”) to $1,360 (for the boxy, Carhartt-evocative “Reversible Parka”).

Describing the collection, titled “Release 5-19,” Fenty’s site explains the deceptively simple aesthetic:

The debut of FENTY, Release 5-19 establishes the attitude, statement pieces, and materials of the Maison. Tailoring is of central importance as suiting, dressing, and shirts fit close to the body and emphasized by details that span the feminine and the masculine. Elsewhere, Japanese denim is introduced as signature for the Maison, and is rendered in sharp corset-dresses, constructed, oversized jackets, and straight fit and pleated jeans. For accessories, FENTY establishes eyewear and shoes as a central focus; in its premiere style the sunglasses turn into masks with exaggerated volumes, while footwear is sharply pointed and seen in strong colors with exposing cutouts. Lastly, FENTY introduces its fashion jewelry line with a game-changing way of wearing ear jewels.

But ultimately, if you love Rihanna’s style, you’re liable to love her line, as she is its self-professed muse. And as she explained to Vogue’s cameras (above), her style can be described as “moody,” “easily bored” and “daring.”

So, will the moody masses be daring enough to see the goddess in the details and drop major coin on Rih’s major venture? Or will they be easily bored by her array of monochromatic ensembles in subdued hues? We’ll be keeping an eye out to see how fast her fashions fly off the virtual shelves; but in the meantime, take a bow, Rihanna. You just made fashion history.

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, co-host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door...May I borrow some sugar?


Can I get some detail on how “luxury line” is being defined to get the “first” status? It sounds like something that could either be technical or made up specifically to claim the “first” headline, with an interesting story either way.