Sephora via YouTube screenshot

That skin. That glow. That hair. Sephora’s 2017 holiday campaign features a new crop of models—freshly plucked from their very own stores.

We got hip to this via Anne Branigin, The Root’s news fellow, and instantly fell in love with Afro-Hawaiian curve-tastic beauty Taíja, giving us urban-Moana realness. (Yes, we know the character Moana isn’t Hawaiian, but she is a Polynesian beauty, as are Hawaiians, and no doubt wishes she had this mane. We know we do.)

Meet TaĂ­ja (Sephora via YouTube screenshot)

Thanks to the rabbit hole that is YouTube, we were subsequently led to several of Taíja’s tutorials for the brand, as well as to a bunch of her colleagues in the campaign. All are uniquely beautiful, span the Diaspora and, surprisingly, share even more intriguing narratives.


Meet Joanna:

Meet Joanna (Sephora via YouTube screenshot)

And Dane:

Meet Dane (Sephora via YouTube screenshot)


Meet Terrell (Sephora via YouTube screenshot)

And Chaimae:

Meet Chaimae (Sephora via YouTube screenshot)

We might clown Sephora for stocking $38 coconut oil on its shelves, but we will equally shout them out for including such a range of voices and experiences in their holiday campaign. Like Moroccan-born Muslim Chaimae, The Glow Up believes that beauty can be a source of peace in the world. We appreciate the world’s best-known beauty retailer leading the charge.