Make a Dramatic Exit: 5 Designers on the Rise Give Us Their Takes on New Year’s Eve Style

The ball will soon be dropping; time to get your black-tie attitude on for New Year’s Eve! The Glow Up asked five of the hottest up-and-coming fashion and accessories designers what it takes to look white-hot for the last night of the year.


1. Melanie McPherson

Drama. Glamour. Making an unforgettable entrance. Are you about that life? Melanie McPherson, designer of Madame M Squared Jewelry, wants to help you have it every night of the year.

The Glow Up: What’s your idea of glamour?

Melanie McPherson: Glamour is whatever makes you feel like a bag of money.

TGU: Who’s your muse?

MM: The modern urban woman.

TGU: What’s sexy?

MM: Jewelry is like really fabulous armor that makes you feel both secure and majestic.

TGU: What’s a game changer for night-out dressing?

MM: A statement earring can elevate any outfit.

TGU: What do 2018 and Madame M Squared have in store for each other?

MM: New merchandise and visuals. It’s going to be monumental.

2. Areeayl Goodwin


Calling all Afropunk goddesses to the dance floor right now! “Dream ... and it will spread like a wildfire,” says Areeayl Goodwin, the Howard University grad-turned-Brooklyn, N.Y., resident behind the handcrafted Beads Byaree collection. Using locally sourced materials, Goodwin says, “I make the pieces I dream about a reality.” It’s a reality she wants all Beads Byaree lovers to live, too.

The Glow Up: What’s your idea of glamour?

Areeayl Goodwin: My idea of glamour is relatively simple: Clean and effortless comes to mind.


TGU: Who is your muse?

AG: Music is often my muse, and right now I’ve been listening to Talibah Safiya, Kamau and Rick James.


TGU: What’s the sexiest piece of jewelry a woman can wear for a night out?

AG: Chokers. I love chokers, so elegant and so simple.

TGU: What one piece of jewelry do most women need in their wardrobe and are too afraid to try?


AG: Some believe the bigger the hoop, the heavier it is, which isn’t always the case. I think a wardrobe staple is a pair of big hoop earrings. They look great with leggings and sweats, as well as more dressed up.

TGU: What’s up for Beads Byaree in 2018?

AG: We will be releasing a one-of-a-kind whimsical collection inspired by gardening and home life. I’m so excited to share both; they’ve been so much fun to create!


3. Telfar Clemens


Menswear designer Telfar Clemens is a self-proclaimed “international celebrity” who proclaims that the clothes he makes “aren’t for you—they’re for everybody!” His line, Telfar Global, won the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America Award in November, with the designer walking off arm in arm with model Selah Marley—granddaughter of Bob, daughter of Lauryn—and $400,000 in prize money.

Clemens’ collection swings both ways, making it just as perfect for the boys as it is for the girls. What could be better for a swinging New Year’s Eve?


The Glow Up: What’s your idea of holiday glamour?

Telfar Clemens: My idea of holiday glamour is giving, and giving to those that are less fortunate than the gift giver.


TGU: What’s the hottest silhouette that works on everybody?

TC: Robes and long johns.

TGU: Who’s your muse?

TC: Myself.

TGU: What’s not sexy when it comes to getting dressed up and going out?

TC: I don’t think anything can be “not sexy.” ... The most sexy thing is confidence in whatever you wear ... make it look cute even if it’s not!


TGU: What’s ahead for Telfar in 2018?

TC: Continuing to make things that speak to me and my brand. Most of all, making things that I love.


4. Romeo Hunte


Romeo Hunte is famous for turning buffalo check plaid on its ear. His high-end urban designs have inspired stars like Solange, Beyoncé and Halle to kick up their Timberlands and turn traditionally dressed-down fabrics into high art.

The Glow Up: What’s the modern way to look glamorous for New Year’s Eve and holiday parties?


Romeo Hunte: I think sequins goes well for New Year’s Eve. It gives you the mood of happiness and fun and it’s sexy! For holiday parties, I am big fan of buffalo check red and black as you may be aware. It gives you a luxe classic look for the holiday! And it brightens the room!

TGU: Who’s your muse?

RH: My muse is really a woman that has appreciation for art, pop culture and creates her own trends. I find that very powerful, cool and innovative!


TGU: What’s the most inspiring thing about dressing people for parties?

RH: For me, I would say when the person you are dressing falls in love with the outfit. The reaction afterwards when she gets lots of compliments is very gratifying to me!


TGU: Name something daring that you think a person should have in their wardrobe for dressing up?

RH: Oversized, bold-colored outerwear. It’s always good to do something that’s big with colors that are eye-catching!


TGU: What’s next for Romeo Hunte in 2018?

RH: I like to leave everything as a surprise! So stay tuned!

5. Mimi Plange


Lush, lyrical and sexy are words that immediately come to mind to describe the work of Ghanian-born designer Mimi Plange. The hallmarks of her collection are striking silhouettes with the ease of American sportswear, blazing with her hand-drawn prints or undulating hand-sewn textures based on the ancient history of African civilizations. If you’re looking for a showstopper—you’ve found it here.

The Glow Up: What’s your idea of glamour for holiday dressing?

Mimi Plange: Holiday glamour is about having fun with your personal style—it’s a celebration! It’s about your interpretation of bold color, festive jewel tones and metallics. It’s about your shine without compromising comfort; at the end of the day, it’s about relaxing and enjoying family and friends.


TGU: What makes a woman look sexy?

MP: Only confidence can make you look sexy. Never clothes.

TGU: Who’s your muse?

MP: When I design, I imagine a woman who has a strong sense of self; someone who isn’t interested in labels or monograms. A cultured woman who loves art and exquisite details. She doesn’t want to be like anyone else. She is a leader—a disruptive woman, who understands that her wardrobe is a reflection of her and not the collective society. This is my muse.


TGU: What’s a daring item every woman should add to her wardrobe for evening?

MP: Ostrich feathers are magnificent in pastels and a staple in black. It’s a soft, romantic and bold item at the same time. I love the way the light and airy feathers move on their own as you walk. It’s basically sparkles without actual sparkles. I also love neon accents for accessories and shoes.


TGU: What does 2018 have in store for Mimi Plange?

MP: In 2018 we will launch our ready-to-wear collection online and make it available for our customers. We have always sold accessories and handbags online, but now you can shop your favorite looks. We will keep growing and pushing ourselves forward as we build our lifestyle brand for amazing and disruptive women all across the globe.

Veronica Webb loves Detroit, speaks French, is addicted to French fries, French fashion, runs an 8 minute mile and can never find her keys.



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