More Full-Spectrum Beauty: Milk Makeup Increases Its Shade Range

Milk Makeup

Devotees of Milk Makeup’s Blur Liquid Matte foundation may now have a better chance at meeting their perfect match. The vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics line just added eight new shades to its year-old, oil-free foundation-range, expanding its options to a full 24 shades, launched Tuesday.


While 24 obviously pales in comparison to, say, 40, Milk’s new additions span the entire spectrum, including new shades like Porcelain (very fair with neutral undertones), Cinnamon (tan to deep with golden, olive undertones), Cocoa (very deep with warm, red undertones), and Espresso (very deep with neutral, cool undertones). As always, each one-ounce tube is $40.


And just to make sure everyone gets the coverage they need, Milk has also doubled the number of shades for its Flex concealer ($28), making 16 crease-free options available.

While these products won’t hit Sephora stores until August 15, they’re already available on both Milk and Sephora’s websites.

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, an avid eyeshadow enthusiast and always her own muse. Minneapolis born, Chicago bred, New York built. Nuance is her superpower.

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