Naturally Beautiful: The Best of CurlFest 2018

(L-R) The founders of Curly Girl Collective, Tracey Coleman, Simone Mair, Gia Lowe, Charisse Higgins and Melody Henderson attend Curlfest 2018 at Prospect Park on July 21, 2018 in New York City.
Photo: Astrid Stawiarz (Getty Images for BET)

What happens when 25,000 natural hair aficionados get together? CurlFest, that’s what! On Saturday, July 21, #TeamNatural gathered in Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Prospect Park for the world’s biggest—and most beautiful—celebration of natural hair.


Celebrating its fifth successful year, CurlFest 2018 was a multiethnic, all ages and genders-welcome event that boasted all types of textures, hues and styles who converged to learn, shop, network and commune with others in the natural hair movement.

The rapidly growing event has exploded since its debut in 2014, becoming a highly anticipated gathering for the natural hair community, even rivaling the beauty and expression of AfroPunk. Now sponsored by BET, the event has become a draw for enthusiasts and vendors alike, like Girl+Hair founder Dr. Camille Verovic, who told The Glow Up that CurlFest continues to blow her away.

It was ‘whoa,’ you know? I feel like CurlFest is going to be a big deal ... One year I went as an attendee, and it was great; you look at all the beautiful people, like ‘God, everyone’s absolutely gorgeous.’ But to go there as a brand, it’s completely different, because you just have incredible exposure ...

But what I most love about CurlFest as a black woman creating products for black women—for multicultural women with curly hair—is the love I received, and the support I received. I love that. ... I love the ambiance and I think it’s amazing that we can all come together, and it’s such a beautiful event. As a brand, I felt the love from CurlFest.


Sadly, The Glow Up couldn’t be at the CurlFest this year, but we have to shout out the five phenomenal women of the Curly Girl Collective for creating such a incredible event for the natural hair community. And in case you’re living vicariously like us, we’ve compiled some of the event’s most beautiful moments here for you!


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