Nike Premieres Kaep Merch and New Logo—and Sells Out Within Hours (But There's Still Hope)

Colin Kaepernick speaks onstage at ACLU SoCal Hosts Annual Bill of Rights Dinner on December 3, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

Nike’s big bet on Colin Kaepernick continues to pay off. After experiencing a major stock surge in stocks, search traffic and social media mentions after debuting their campaign with the NFL star-turned activist, the investment is proving to pay off in full, as their first piece of Kaep merchandise sold out within hours.


After much anticipation, the Kaepernick Icon tee debuted on Thursday with a surprisingly subtle design for the outspoken icon—or was it? In keeping with the star’s pro-black lives and anti-police brutality stance, the long-sleeved jersey-style tee featured a black-on-black design, with a 3M reflective outline on Kaepernick’s name and Nike’s trademark swoosh symbols, which adorn each sleeve.

Also on the right sleeve (you know, the one we use for the traditional Black Power salute?)? The phrase “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything,” which is the motto that accompanied Kaep’s groundbreaking premiere ads for the brand.

But perhaps the coolest feature of the new design is the smallest: Kaepernick’s own logos appear alongside Nike’s on the bottom left hem, including a rendering of Kaep’s now-iconic face and fro, which he recently trademarked.


No doubt the excitement for the shirt was fueled after LeBron James previewed the design at a Lakers preseason game, but offered for the (relatively) bargain price of $50, the Kaepernick Icon tee sold out within hours on Nike’s site, instantly hitting the resale market for $100 and up. So why are we bothering to tell you about it? Because if you’re still on the hunt, Kaep’s looking out, as usual: His site features a nationwide list of vendors carrying stock in-store.

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