No Need to Worry About Nicki Minaj, She Approved That Sketchy-Ass Wax Figure

The new Nicki Minaj wax figure gets unveiled at Madame Tussauds Berlin on Jan. 7, 2020, in Berlin, Germany.
Photo: Tristar Media (Getty Images)

If, like me, you were thoroughly confused about why Nicki Minaj’s nearly five-year-old Madame Tussaud’s likeness was trending on Tuesday, congratulations; you pay way too much attention to pop culture! (Here’s hoping you’re at least getting paid for it). I instantly recalled the August 2015 Las Vegas unveiling of the “Anaconda”-themed figure, which caused the famed wax museum to quickly “rethink” its design after visitors were inspired to take raunchy photos with the scantily clad, on-all-fours tribute to Minaj. Nevertheless, the raptress heavily promoted its initial debut.


That said, Madame Tussaud’s has been known to miss the mark a time or two—remember the time they rendered Beyoncé unrecognizable, only to course-correct last year? Understandably, Minaj’s fans were concerned—though TMZ reports that the figure is the very same one the star approved, simply relocated to Tussaud’s Berlin location.

Is it, in fact, the same figure, or just an unfortunate dupe? (We have our doubts, though Tussaud’s does rotate its displays between locations.) Are the lights too hot on Nicki’s exhibit, causing the face to...fall (to put it kindly)?


We may never know for sure, but what we do know is Minaj has said nothing further about the likeness (in fact, the newlywed hasn’t said anything on social media since Nov. 9, 2019). So, with her ringing endorsement still in place, we’ll just...avert our eyes until she gives us something new to look at.

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