Some of your favorite Hollywood actresses—including Tracee Ellis Ross, Tessa Thompson, Kerry Washington and Rashida Jones—have a message for you: They are standing with women across the world, and hope you’ll stand in solidarity with them this Golden Globes Sunday by wearing black.

You can see the full video above, but the women of the #TimesUp movement are asking that viewers not just watch the blackout on the Golden Globes red carpet this evening, but also participate by posting pics and videos to social media of themselves also wearing all-black everything, using the hashtags #TimesUp and #WhyWeWearBlack.


We admit, we’ve scrutinized the effectiveness of this gesture. But as it’s gained steam in the collective consciousness, we genuinely hope the red-carpet blackout is a significant show of strength for the over-300-strong all-female coalition seemingly ready to put their money and power where their mouths are, in part by creating legal defense funds and lobbying for stronger protections and parity for women far less privileged than they are.

While wearing black may seem like a small gesture in addressing the systemic sexual abuse and inequality that continue to plague women outside of Hollywood, supporting the gesture seems like the least we can do to support a movement that appears to have all of our best interests at heart. Tonight we at The Glow Up will be hosting our own virtual Golden Globes party on our Facebook page—and yes, we will be wearing black. We hope you’ll join us and the women of #TimesUp, because if not now, then when?