Orange Box Envy: Beyoncé Gave Celebrity Swag New Meaning With Literally Her Biggest Drop Yet

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It’s safe to say no one does a drop quite like Beyoncé. From surprise albums and epic visual masterpieces to HBCU-inspired collaborations with Balmain, the megastar has mastered the art of making an entrance. And ahead of today’s pre-launch of the relaunch of Ivy Park, now powered by Adidas (the collection goes live at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET; have you downloaded the app yet?), Bey gave us a new status symbol: Temporarily rivaling the legendary Louis Vuitton trunk as the ultimate in celebrity swag, a few of our faves received Ivy Park’s already-coveted collection in orange canvas-covered rolling closets and Adidas-striped steamer trunks—with handwritten notes from the Queen herself.

And if green was once considered the color of envy, for the Hive, it’s now decidedly orange.


Up and down our timelines, unveilings were taking place, and the FOMO was real. That said, the reveals were pretty entertaining in and of themselves, as the celebrity recipients let down their cool, seemingly as geeked as we’d be.

Yara Shahidi

There are few stars more adorable and poised than Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi, an avowed fashion lover with a well-established affinity for both Beyoncé and Adidas—in fact, she was wearing the athletic label when she received her rolling rack including the entire Ivy Park collection, about which she stage whispered: “That’s pretty incredible.” Uhh...ya think?

And Shahidi wasted no time modeling her new gear; paparazzi was thrilled to catch the ingenue out and about, looking fresh-to-death in a burgundy cargo jacket with breakaway sleeves and matching wide-legged trousers, dressing the look up with a pair of skin-toned Louboutins.


Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe loves thinking outside the box, but it seemed oddly fitting that as the petite star modeled her goodies from Ivy Park, she found as much joy in the trunk itself, calling the Monaé-sized luggage her new “hideout.”


Cardi B

The most unfiltered star in the game gave a characteristically Cardi reaction to receiving her collection, exclaiming, “Oh shit, motherfuckah...Beyoncé done gave me a whole closet!” Frankly, we’re pretty sure we would’ve responded the same way.


Laverne Cox

Leave it to Laverne Cox to channel Beyoncé herself while modeling her swag—complete with a soundtrack, choreography, and a fan blowing her flowing blond locks. In other words, the Emmy nominee is a true Beyoncé stan who has clearly earned her stripes.


Missy Elliott

She’s supa dupa fly—and Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott was “super-gassed” to receive a trunk from friend and sometime collaborator Beyoncé. “Got me feeling important,” she said in a live story...and we’d certainly agree that she is. We also loved her pitch that the two finally get together on some retroactive videos for “Signs” (one of our early Beyoncé faves) and “Ain’t Nothing Out There for Me.”


Keke Palmer

Speaking of signs, Keke Palmer shouted out fellow Virgo Bey when she received her trunk. If we were to hazard a guess, we’d suspect Strahan, Sara and Keke co-host Michael Strahan didn’t get one...sorry to this man.


Michelle Williams & Kelly Rowland

Of course, the phenomenon known as Beyoncé became famous alongside her “sisters” in Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. While Rowland had her own new drop of athleisure with longtime collaborator Fabletics on the first of the year, she still found time to rep for her BFF, rocking the burgundy, orange and braids for the ‘gram.


Unsurprisingly, avowed church girl Michelle Williams turned her reveal into a praise dance, playing Ricky Dillard’s “I Got the Victory” to celebrate the fact that she got the Ivy Park goods.


Reese Witherspoon & Ellen DeGeneres

We usually don’t report on the goings-on of white Hollywood, but since Beyoncé graciously shared her champagne with a thirsty Reese Witherspoon during this year’s Golden Globes, she’s been even more generous with the Big Little Lies star, first sending her a case of said champagne, and now, her own Ivy Park collection. “Does this officially make me the newest member of the #Beyhive?” asked Reese.


Ellen had a similarly awed response when the rolling rack arrived at her studio, the strains of “Formation” playing as she opened the canvas cover. “Now I have to get something for Beyoncé,” she quipped. But seriously. What do you get the woman who just gave you everything?


Tina Lawson

Obviously, nobody’s a bigger Beyoncé fan than her mama, and proving that Bey gets it from her mama, Tina Lawson made her own teaser video modeling the collection, aided by filmmaker Doug Spearman.


Were there more orange box arrivals around Hollywood? No doubt...but that’s about all the FOMO our hearts could take this week. Like pretty much the rest of the non-celebrity set, we’ll be clamoring to see if we get our hands on some Ivy Park merch when it pre-launches today...because currently, our orange box looks like this.


Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up, co-host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door...May I borrow some sugar?

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Now THAT’S how you do a product launch in the social media era!! Imma be thinking about that pic of Queen Bey for a while. Literally the hottest woman on the planet! Hotter than liquid rock...